Chamfo Auto feeding pipe bevelling machine Model : GTW-2100P-AF

Pipe Beveller For Weld Preparation (Auto Feeding)

Height Adjustment One-touch spline controller
Adjustment increments minimum 0.1mm
Milling Unit Single Face-mil cutter head
Usages Pipe O/D beveling for weld preparation
Angle Range 30° ~ 60°
Pipe Size min. 300A(318.5 / 12″)
Power 1700W ( or 1400W)
Inserts Tip Q’ty / PN 4 (or 3) / CFWB110350 / CFWB110149
Weight 25kg
Application Steel ( Carbon steel, Stainless steel), Non-ferrous metal, other materials
Height adjustment control Manual
Feeding Control Automatic(Possible to control the feeding speed)

Maximum Bevel range per angle (37°)
Angle Thickness, mm (inch) Width, mm (inch)
37° 25mm 31.3mm

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