S-Cutter Portable Tungsten Grinder , Model : S-TGR / S-TGF

S-Cutter portable Tungsten Grinders are ultra light-weighted and designed to use in workshop or at work site. Comes in 2 different model (fixed angle or adjustable angle) to suit different users.

  • Using a rechargeable motor(Ultra-light)
  • Precise grinding, cutting and facing
    • Including the precision setting device
  • Usage of diamond wheel
    • Economic improvement by using double-sided and with cutting function
    • Select the diamond wheel roughness depending on the electrode bar specification
  • Automatic concentric function
  • Improved convenience by marking cut scale
  • One-touch lock function is applied when changing diamond wheel
  • Two models, angle fixed type(S-TGF) and angle adjustable type(S-TGR)
  • Multi-function collet application
    • No need to use jig depending on the specification of electrode bar
    • Electrode bar can be sharpened, even if it is stuck when welding
    • Non-standard electrode bar is available
    • The minimum length of electrode bar to be ground is 15mm
Machine Specifications
Model Specification
Common Rating 10.8V,2Ah
Speed 19500RPM
S-TGR Included angle 15° – 120° – 180°
Capacity 0.5ø – 3.2ø
Weight 0.89kg(including battery)
S-TGF Included angle 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 36°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°
Capacity 0.5ø – 3.2ø
Weight 0.99kg(including battery)
Wheel Specifications
Model Electrode bar
S-TG_40RG 2.4ø – 3.2ø
S-TG_40SG 1.6ø – 2.4ø
S-TG_40FG 0.5ø – 1.6ø

S-Cutter TGR TGF wheel

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