CHAMFO One Touch Radius Cutting Machine Model : GTR-3EC

Electric radius chamfering machine

Height Adjustment One-touch spline controller, minimum 0.1mm step
Usage Radius bevelling of plate, contour and hole
Power 220V/60Hz only
RPM Variable speed
No. of cutters 1 cutter (8 blades)
Cutter CF350C R2, R3, R4, R5
Turning base plate O
Cutter ejection pins O
Spindle lock O
Straight guide (option) available
Weight 3kg

Key Features:

  • Quick & Easy center setting (One-touch type)
  • Turning base plate (Anti-friction)
  • Advanced ring type cutter
  • Spindle lock for insert(s) replacement
  • 3 ejection pins (patented)
  • Various Usages (Curves, plates and holes)


  • Shipbuilding Industry, electricity industry, etc.

[Ref. rule of Shipbuilding Industry]


Reference Rule (IMO’s PSPC rule)

  • To avoid insufficient coating film thickness at certain areas, such as corners, edges and weld Seams in the ballast tanks, mechanical grinding of the edge area is required since stripe coatings applied on a smoother edge profile will retain liquid paints longer than the sharper shaped edge does
  • For this purpose, “3-Pass or 2-R” edge grinding treatment prior to secondary surface preparation is specified by IMO’s PSPC rule
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